Congratulations to all of the RPBJJ competitors who made the trip to Las Vegas, NV for the 2016 American Nationals.  All of our team members brought home medals!  Total= 6 competitors with 6 GOLD, 3 SILVER and 1 BRONZE.  Way to go guys!


Rodrigo Pinheiro- GOLD Black Belt Master (Gi)

Rivaldo Junior- GOLD Black Belt Master (Gi) & BRONZE (No-Gi)

Nathiely- GOLD Black Belt Adult (Gi) & GOLD Black Belt Absolute (Gi)

Manuel Ribamar- SILVER Black Belt Adult (Gi)

Thiago Macedo- SILVER Black Belt Adult (Gi)

David Fahey- GOLD Blue Belt Adult (Gi) & SILVER (No-Gi)

Cole Abate- GOLD Orange Belt Kids (Gi)