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The first ever IBJJF Championship held in San Antonio ended with a huge victory for the RPBJJ Competition Team. With only 38 competitors, our team took 2nd Place! We couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you. Thank-you to all the Competitors for fighting hard and leaving it all on the mat, and to the RPBJJ-PSMT Family for all of the love & support!

RPBJJ Individual Competitor Results:

Third – Monica Susana Salazar Serna – White/Adult/Female/Middle

Second – Gerardo De Los Santos – White/Master 1/Male/Light

Third – Brian Rogers – White/Master 1/Male/Middle

Second – Manuel Rangel – White/Master 1/Male/Medium Heavy

Third – Jeremy Cathey – White/Master 1/Male/Super Heavy

First – Eduardo Ramos – White/Master 2/Male/Feather

First – Ronald S. Barber – White/Master 2/Male/Light

First – Cody Waters – White/Master 2/Male/Super Heavy

First – Javier Mendoza – White/Master 2/Male/Ultra Heavy

First – David Paul Fahey Jr. – Blue/Juvenile/Male/Light

First – David Paul Fahey Jr. – Blue/Juvenile/Male/Open Class Light

First – Ariana Mendoza – Blue/Juvenile/Female/Super Heavy

First – Ariana Mendoza – Blue/Juvenile/Female/Open Class Heavy

First – Xavier Anthony Urias – Blue/Adult/Male/Rooster

Second – Aubrey Bailey – Blue/Adult/Female/Medium Heavy

Second – Alejandro Rizzi – Blue/Master 1/Male/Light Feather

Second – Carlos Garza – Blue/Master 1/Male/Light

First – Andrew Warren – Blue/Master 1/Male/Middle

Second – Francis San Luis – Blue/Master 1/Male/Heavy

Second – Andrew Warren – Blue/Master 1/Male/Open Class

First – Zaragoza Soliz – Blue/Master 2/Male/Light

First – Richard Odoms – Blue/Master 2/Male/Ultra Heavy

First – Richard Odoms – Blue/Master 2/Male/Open Class

Second – Matthew Mccall – Blue/Master 3/Male/Medium Heavy

First – Roland Torres – Purple/Master 2/Male/Light

First – Manning Vanrandy Guffey – Purple/Master 3/Male/Medium Heavy

First – Manning Vanrandy Guffey – Purple/Master 3/Male/Open Class

First – Thiago Augusto Araujo Macedo – Black/Adult/Male/Light

First – Manuel Ribamar – Black/Adult/Male/Middle

Third – Thiago Augusto Araujo Macedo – Black/Adult/Male/Open Class

First – Manuel Ribamar – Black/Adult/Male/Open Class